Patrizio Hofer in CTTAM
The Swiss champion visited CTTAM last Saturday 2 of December and shared his experiences with the archers and coaches of our Center



CTTAM's archers, had the privilege to receive on the 1 and 2 of December the Swiss champion Patrizio Hofer.
This elite archer is one of the few who have surpassed the 1400 points and he is actually in the Nš 6 of FITA's World Cup Ranking.His visit was realized in the margins of the program "Get to know the champion", that CTTAM organizes so that the best archers worldwide, share their experiences and knowledge with the archers and coaches of Madrid.

The visit started at 10.00 on Saturday, with a discussion in the center's seminar room. Thank to the interest that raised Patrizio's speech, the discussion hold almost four hours. Perfectly managing the Spanish language, although he was denying it, the Swiss archer captivated everyone with his charm and intimacy, and managed to make the meeting very interactive and the archers "attacked" Patrizio with questions around every aspect of archery. Afterwards, all participants passed to the indoor hall and shared a training session with Patrizio.


On Sunday the event was repeated but this time was extended to archers and coaches of the Community of Madrid.