4th Coaches Meeting
On Saturday, 16th of December, the 4th Technical Meeting for archery coaches of Madrid took place in the installations of the CTTAM

These meetings are included in the activities organized with the purpose to offer to the archery coaches of the Community of Madrid a continuous formation. Form part of the effort made by CTTAM and FMTA in order to raise the level of our sport.


Juan Carlos Holgado was for more than three hours and thanks to his experience, professionalism and proximity resolving the doubts of the presents in the meeting. The first part was dedicated to material and especially in arrows and its tuning. In the second part the meeting was focused in aspects related with the psychological preparation of the archer and the session concluded with a short resume of the technical points presented during the first three Meetings.


We hope that the meetings fulfil their goal and our coaches have a little more knowledge than before. We īll meet again in the 5th