Alison Williamson´s visit in CTTAM

During the weekend 10-11 of February, Alison Williamson visited the CTTAM. The famous English archer spent two days with the archers and coaches of Madrid and shared her invaluable experiences and knowledge obtained during her long career in archery. 

On Saturday morning Alison shared a training session with the young archers of the Center, watched with them the bronze medal match of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, and willingly answered to all their questions. In continuance, she shared a practice session with our youngsters, and at the end of the day, and always smiling, she was photographed with them and signed autographs.    



On Sunday, Alison watched again the Athens video, but this time with coaches from the Community of Madrid.  Once the projection was over, the coaches addressed to Alison all kind of questions about every aspect of her sports life and like always she answered gladly to all of them. The meeting continued in the indoor hall where Alison had a training session demonstrating her excellent technique, and ended with the customary photo session.  


Thank you very much Alison and we hope to have you back with us soon!