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Spanish Championship Under 14
We would like to congratulate the CTTAMs young archers for their excellent presence in the National Championship under 14 years.  
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The Archery Excellence Center of Madrid is a sport facility inside the premises of Puerta de Hierro Sports Park. It operates under the supervision of the Madrid Archery Federation whose main objective is to promote and spread the practice of Archery as well as to assist and support high level Archery performance at regional, national and international level.

All disciplines, from compound bow to, naturally, the Olympic discipline of recurve bow, have their own place in this modern Archery Center.
This Archery facility, is considered to be a model regarding its concept and construction, and one of the best Archery Centers in Europe

Located in the heart of Madrid, only 15 minutes from the historical center and easily accessible, Archery lovers can benefit from its indoor and outdoor facilities, benefit from the experience of target Archery coaches specialized in different disciplines and categories and enjoy a variety of interesting activities that the Center develops and offers during the year as well as participate in the different competitions that the FMTA, the Clubs of Madrid or the Center itself organize in these facilitie

This Center wishes to be the lever of development of Archery at a regional and national level, to facilitate and assist the athletes whose aspiration is to set ambitious sport goals, being one of the first steps for the accomplishment of the Olympic dream of the archers with talent and motivation.

The programs, the diverse activities, the coaches and personnel of the Archery Excellence Center of Madrid, along with the facilities make this Archery Center an excellent and unique opportunity for the recreational archer, the Archery lover, the medium level competitor, the youngster with talent, and for the high level archer. All of them have their own place and services in this Archery Center

If you wish to receive more information or if you have any doubts, we suggest you visit the different sections of our web site, or contact the offices of FMTA, situated on the 1st floor of the Archery Center, and we will be happy to assist  you.