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  1. Course for the acquisition of the Federal licence. ADULTS
  2. Course for the acquisition of the Federal licence. CHILDREN
  1. Activities.
  1. Technique Improvement Course .
  •  Course for the acquisition of the Federal licence. ADULTS
Introduction in Archery in recreation and competition level.

Through these beginner’s courses, the participant will learn the basics of a correct and secure shot, the use and control of the basic technique of Archery that will be afterwards used in whichever Archery discipline that the student will choose.

CONTENT: Practice sessions in which the correct preparation of the shot is taught, the initial and final posture, the execution of the shot, the release and the final position. The methodology used, is through various special exercises and the use of educational and competitive games. At the end of the course the student is introduced to competitions.

In the theoretical sessions, the basic security rules, the basic concepts of recurve and compound bow, the use and selection of the arrows and the competition rules are taught. Projections regarding the technique and competitions.

  •  Course for the acquisition of the Federal licence. CHILDREN

Given that the initiation in Archery for children must be directed through a more specific methodology, appropriate for these ages, the CTTAM establishes these courses for children aged between 9 and 16 years.

CONTENT: Basic preparation for the secure and precise practice of Archery in recreation and sport level. In the sessions the preparation of the shot, the adequate posture, the tension of the bow,the execution of the shot and the release of the string are taught. All this, through specific exercises and educative games. During the classes educational values like team work, acceptance of success and failure, aspiration of distinction, analysis of the mistakes, strategies of correction as well as improving in subsequent attemptsare promoted. Introduction torecreational competition.


     “ Schools ”

    In order to promote Archery amongst youngsters, especially in school ages, CTTAM offers in the Educational Centers of Madrid the possibility to bring their students in the CTTAM so that they will experience Archery as a sport activity of precision in one day.

    OBJECTIVE: Collaboration with schools in order to promote the sport and create a base of youngsters with interest and knowledge about the sport of Archery.

    CONTENT: Introduction in the basic steps of archery. Explanation of the security rules and the secure and adequate use of the bow. Practice in drawing the bow and shooting an arrow. Practice through safe and entertaining games


      “ Improvement ”


    • Technique Improvement Course

    The CTTAM offers a new program to the archery community of Madrid, called “Technique Improvement Course”

    This course is oriented to offer the archer the necessary knowledge, indications and corrections from the moment they have completed a beginner’s course up to the point that they are able to compete.

    However, the development of the archer depends on his/her abilities as well as on the number of hours spent ontraining in addition to the course

    A “Technique Improvement course” will begin every month, with an estimated duration of 12 weeks.